Thursday, August 1, 2019

Testing and Securing Android Studio Applications

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Mobile applications have become very popular in the last few years thanks to a huge increment in the use of mobile devices. From a developer's point of view, Android has become an important source of income thanks to the different app repositories, such as Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

With an increase in the number of applications available, users have become more demanding about the features of the applications they are going to use. A solid testing of the application and its security aspects are the key factors in the pursuit of success for an application. Bugs and security issues are obviously not features that help your application do well in the increasingly more exigent market of Android.

In this book, you are going to learn how to turn your Android application into a solidly debugged and secure application. To achieve this, you will learn how to use Android Studio and its most important features: testing and security.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Software Security
Chapter 2: Security in Android Applications
Chapter 3: Monitoring Your Application
Chapter 4: Mitigating Vulnerabilities
Chapter 5: Preserving Data Privacy
Chapter 6: Securing Communications
Chapter 7: Authentication Methods
Chapter 8: Testing Your Application
Chapter 9: Unit and Functional Tests
Chapter 10: Supporting Tools
Chapter 11: Further Considerations

Author Details
"Belén Cruz Zapata" received her engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Murcia in Spain, with specialization in software technologies and intelligent and knowledge technologies. She has earned an MSc degree in Computer Science and is now working on her PhD degree in Software Engineering Research Group from the University of Murcia.

"Antonio Hernández Niñirola" has an engineering degree in Computer Science and is a mobile application developer. He was born and raised in Murcia in the southeast region of Spain and is currently living in Rabat, Morocco. He has developed several websites and mobile applications.

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