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The Antivirus Hacker’s Handbook (Free PDF)

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Welcome to The Antivirus Hacker’s Handbook. With this book, you can increase your knowledge about antivirus products and reverse-engineering in general; while the reverse-engineering techniques and tools discussed in this book are applied to antivirus software, they can also be used with any other software products. Security researchers, penetration testers, and other information security professionals can benefit from this book. Antivirus developers will benefit as well because they will learn more about how antivirus products are analyzed, how they can be broken into parts, and how to prevent it from being broken or make it harder to break.

I want to stress that although this book is, naturally, focused on antivirus products, it also contains practical examples that show how to apply reverse-engineering, vulnerability discovery, and exploitation techniques to real-world applications.

Part I: Antivirus Basics
Chapter 1: Introduction to Antivirus Software
Chapter 2: Reverse-Engineering the Core
Chapter 3: The Plug-ins System
Chapter 4: Understanding Antivirus Signatures
Chapter 5: The Update System
Part II: Antivirus Software Evasion
Chapter 6: Antivirus Software Evasion
Chapter 7: Evading Signatures
Chapter 8: Evading Scanners
Chapter 9: Evading Heuristic Engines
Chapter 10: Identifying the Attack Surface
Chapter 11: Denial of Service
Part III: Analysis and Exploitation
Chapter 12: Static Analysis
Chapter 13: Dynamic Analysis
Chapter 14: Local Exploitation
Chapter 15: Remote Exploitation
Part IV: Current Trends and Recommendations
Chapter 16: Current Trends in Antivirus Protection
Chapter 17: Recommendations and the Possible Future

Author Details
"Joxean Koret" has been working for the past +15 years in many different computing areas. He started as a database software developer and DBA, working with a number of different RDBMSs. Afterward he got interested in reverseengineering and applied this knowledge to the DBs he was working with.

"Elias Bachaalany" has been a computer programmer, a reverse-engineer, an occasional reverse-engineering trainer, and a technical writer for the past 14 years.

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