Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Promise of Bitcoin and the Blockchain (Free PDF)

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The Mt. Washington Resort, nestled in the foothills of New Hampshire’s Presidential Range, was seventy-one years earlier the site of a meeting that fundamentally changed the global monetary structure. The world was reeling from the aftermath of World War II and leaders feared that if countries failed to adopt functional monetary policies the global economy could fall into an abyss. The result was known as the Bretton Woods Accord and put the US Dollar, pegged to gold, at the center of the world’s trade system, where it sits today.

One of the reasons this resort was chosen in 1944 was its remote location, which would permit delegates to break free from the distractions that may have occupied their attention in a busier setting. We chose the location for a similar reason and found that as we approached Bretton Woods, the rich, relaxing setting began to have its effect. We came as strangers, shuttling in from nearby hometowns and international airports. Libertarians carpooled with federal regulators and it was enlightening for all.

I. Goals
II. Opportunities
A. Blockchain 1.0
B. Blockchain 2.0
C. Blockchain 3.0
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