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Thermal Power Plant: Design and Operation (Free PDF)

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This book on THERMAL POWER PLANT - Design and Operation deals with various aspects of a thermal power plant starting from fundamentals leading in depth to technical treatment. The book is aimed at providing new dimension to the subject and thrust of the book is focused on technology and design aspect with special treatment on plant operating practices and troubleshooting. Certain chapters also deal with numerical problems along with some worked out examples.

This book is prepared based on author’s long association with thermal power plants for more than 40 years in design as well as in field engineering. During this long carrier, author has shared his knowledge and experience with students of various technical institutes as visiting faculty in the under graduate level and found that students are very attentive to his lectures because they found contents of these lectures would be beneficial to their professional carrier. The author also shared his experience with professional engineers under various training schemes, viz. graduate engineers training programme, refreshers training programme, operating personnel training programme. Against the back drop of feedback received during interaction with engineers at various forums, this book aims at sharing author’s experience with much wider group of engineers.

CHAPTER 1: Steam Power Plant Cycles
CHAPTER 2: Steam Generators
CHAPTER 3: Fuels and Combustion
CHAPTER 4: Pulverized Coal-Fired Boilers
CHAPTER 5: Fluidized-Bed Combustion Boilers
CHAPTER 6: Steam Turbines
CHAPTER 7: Gas Turbine and Heat Recovery Steam Generator
CHAPTER 8: Diesel Power Plant
CHAPTER 9: Steam Power Plant Systems
CHAPTER 10: Automatic Control
CHAPTER 11: Interlock and Protection
CHAPTER 12: Start-Up and Shut-Down
CHAPTER 13: Abnormal Operating Conditions
CHAPTER 14: Air Pollution Control
CHAPTER 15: Codes and Standards for Power Plant Design and Operation
APPENDIX A. Power from Renewable Energy
APPENDIX B. Power from Nuclear Energy
Appendix C

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