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Transnational Security (Free PDF)

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The book is intended to serve as a comprehensive text for graduate courses on transnational security (global security, human security, or security studies) and can also be used for advanced undergraduate students. Moreover, it can be used for crisis management and disaster preparedness courses, as well as global governance courses and courses that focus on specific transnational security threats.

The book will seek to appeal to a wide range of different groups. By steering away from exclusively focusing on a single threat, it will be of interest to a much broader audience of writers and researchers working on transnational security. By providing a detailed account of most threats, countermeasures, and their implications for a number of different fields—law, public policy and administration, security, and criminology, it is likely to be an extremely useful resource for academicians, practitioners, and graduate and upper-level undergraduate students in these areas. In addition, it is an extremely useful resource for academicians, practitioners, and graduate and undergraduate students in political science, history, sociology, and psychology. Criminal justice and socio-legal scholars and professionals will also find food for thought in this work.

The Author
Chapter 1: Transnational Security: An Introduction
Chapter 2: Decisions Under Uncertainty: Theories and Practice in Security Studies
Chapter 3: Weapons of Mass Destruction and Nonproliferation
Chapter 4: Transnational Terrorism
Chapter 5: Transnational Organized Crime
Chapter 6: Cybersecurity
Chapter 7: Natural Disasters: A Forgotten Security Risk?
Chapter 8: Human-Made Disasters
Chapter 9: Infectious Diseases
Chapter 10: Security Issues in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies
Chapter 11: The Fight for Natural Resources: Seeking Food and Water Security
Chapter 12: Energy Security: Current IssuesChapter 13 The Future of Transnational Security: Concluding Remarks

Author Details
"Marie-Helen Maras"

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