Thursday, August 1, 2019

Ubuntu Linux Toolbox (2nd Edition)

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The huge, enthusiastic Ubuntu community has swept up thousands and thousands of new Ubuntu Linux users. If you are one of them, you will probably soon find yourself wanting to dig beneath the surface of Ubuntu’s applications and graphical tools. You’ll want to become a power user.

Becoming a power user with any Linux system means being able to work from the command line. Few graphical interfaces will provide you with the options and flexibility you get with commands that address the same features.

Ubuntu Linux Toolbox provides you with more than 1000 specific command lines to help you dig deeply into Linux. Whether you are a systems administrator or desktop user, the book will show you the commands to create file systems, troubleshoot networks, lock down security, and dig out almost anything you care to know about your Linux system.

This book’s focus for your Linux command-line journey is Ubuntu, the communitybased Linux distribution sponsored by Canonical Ltd., and the Debian GNU/Linux system on which it is based. Tapping into the skills required to run those systems can help you to work with your own Linux systems as well as learn what you need to do as a Linux professional.

Chapter 1: Starting with Ubuntu Linux
Chapter 2: Installing Ubuntu and Adding Software
Chapter 3: Using the Shell
Chapter 4: Working with Files
Chapter 5: Manipulating Text
Chapter 6: Playing with Multimedia
Chapter 7: Administering Filesystems
Chapter 8: Backups and Removable Media
Chapter 9: Checking and Managing Running Processes
Chapter 10: Managing the System
Chapter 11: Managing Network Connections
Chapter 12: Accessing Network Resources
Chapter 13: Doing Remote System Administration
Chapter 14: Locking Down Security
Chapter 15: Setting Up a Virtualization Host and Virtual Machines
Appendix A: Using vi or Vim Editors
Appendix B: Shell Special Characters and Variables
Appendix C: Getting Information from /proc

Author Details
"Christopher Negus"

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