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UNIX and Shell Programming (Free PDF)

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The book has been designed to cater to students, teachers, professionals, and developers to help them learn the fundamental concepts of the Unix operating system. It follows a bottom-up approach, that is, it explains basic commands and gradually moves towards advanced commands. Similarly, it begins with small and easy scripts and makes the reader acquainted with the fundamental statements, loops, and conditional statements in a systematic manner. Gradually, it moves on to explain large, complex, and critical scripts. The book focuses on advanced Unix commands that perform critical functions such as setting access permissions, changing ownerships of the fi les, sharing fi les among groups, performing input/output (I/O) redirections, cutting or slicing the fi le vertically, pasting content, comparing fi les, and printing documents. It explains in detail the manipulation of processes and signals and the role of system calls. All the major editors in Unix, namely, stream editor (sed), visual editor (vi), and modeless editor (emacs) are explained in detail.

The book describes Bourne, Korn, and C shell programming and covers all important topics and commands associated with these shells. It also includes numerous programming scripts for better understanding of the three types of shells. The later part of the book includes dedicated chapters on language development tools (Yacc, Lex, and M4), text-formatting tools (troff and nroff), and Unix networking and administration.

Features of the Book
Detailed Contents
1. Unix: An Introduction
2. Unix File System
3. Basic Unix Commands
4. Advanced Unix Commands
5. File Management and Compression Techniques
6. Manipulating Processes and Signals
7. System Calls
8. Editors in Unix
9. AWK Script
10. Bourne Shell Programming
11. Korn Shell Programming
12. C Shell Programming
13. Different Tools and Debuggers
14. Interprocess Communication
15. Unix System Administration and Networking

Author Details
"B.M. Harwani"

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