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Unix for Programmers and Users (3rd Edition)

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One of my jobs before writing this book was to teach UNIX to a variety of individuals, including university students, industry C hackers, and, occasionally, friends and colleagues. During that time, I acquired a large amount of knowledge, both in my head as well as in the form of a substantial library, that I often thought would be good to put into book form.When I began preparing my university lecture series about UNIX, I found that none of the available UNIX textbooks suited my purpose—they were either too unstructured, too specialized, or lacking in suitable exercises and projects for my students. In response to this situation, I wrote the very first version of the current book. After a couple of years of using it, I completely rewrote it, giving careful thought to the organization of the new material. I decided to group the information on the basis of various typical kinds of UNIX users, allowing the book to be utilized by a good range of people without completely going over the top (or underneath) anyone’s head. One tricky decision concerned the level of detail to include about things like utilities and system calls. Most of these have a large number of specialized options and features that are rarely used, and to document them all and still cover the range of topics that I had targeted would result in a book about two feet thick. Because of this, I’ve included information only about the most common and useful features of utilities, shells, and system calls. I include references to other commercially available books for more detail. This hybrid-book approach seemed like a good compromise; I hope that you agree.

CHAPTER 1: What is UNIX?
CHAPTER 2: UNIX Utilities for Nonprogrammers
CHAPTER 3: UNIX Utilities for Power Users
CHAPTER 4: The UNIX Shells
CHAPTER 5: The Bourne Shell
CHAPTER 6: The Korn Shell
CHAPTER 7: The C Shell
CHAPTER 8: The Bourne Again Shell
CHAPTER 9: Networking
CHAPTER 10: The Internet
CHAPTER 11: Windowing Systems
CHAPTER 12: C Programming Tools
CHAPTER 13: Systems Programming
CHAPTER 14: UNIX Internals
CHAPTER 15: System Administration
CHAPTER 16: The Future

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"Graham Glass"
"King Ables"

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