Monday, August 26, 2019

Valve Selection Handbook (Engineering Fundamentals for Selecting Manual Valves, Check Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, and Rupture Discs)

Valves are the controlling elements in fluid flow and pressure systems.Like many other engineering components, they have developed over some three centuries from primitive arrangements into a wide range of engineered units satisfying a great variety of industrial needs.The wide range of valve types available is gratifying to the user because the probability is high that a valve exists that matches the application.But because of the apparently innumerable alternatives, the user must have the knowledge and skill to analyze each application and determinethe factors on which the valve can be selected. He or she must also have sufficient knowledge of valve types and their construction to make the best selection from those available.Reference manuals on valves are readily available. But few books, if any, discuss the engineering fundamentals or provide in-depth information about the factors on which the selection should be made.This book is the result of a lifelong study of design and application of valves, and it guides the user on the selection of valves by analyzing valve use and construction. The book is meant to be a reference for practicing engineers and students, but it may also be of interest to manufacturers of valves, statutory authorities, and others. The book discusses manual valves, check valves, pressure relief valves and rupture discs. Revisions in the fourth edition include a full rewriting of the chapters on pressure relief valves and rupture discs. These revisions take full account of current U.S. practice and the emerging European standards. I wish to express my thanks to the numerous individuals and companies who over the years freely offered their advice and gave permission to use their material in this book. Because the list of the contributors is long, I trust I will be forgiven to mention only a few names: My thanks go to the late Frank Hazel of Worcester Controls for his contribution to the field of manual valves; in the field of pressure relief valves to Jurgen Stolte and the late Alfred Kreuz of Sempell A.G.; Manfred Holfelder of Bopp & Reuther G.m.b.H.; and Mr. Gary B. Emerson of Anderson, Greenwood & Co. In the field of rupture discs, my thanks to Tom A. LaPointe, formerly of Continental Disc Corporation, and G. W. Brodie, formerly a consultant to Marston Palmer Limited.

  • Introduction.
  • Fundamentals.
  • Manual Valves
  • Check Valves.
  • Pressure Relief Valves.
  • Rupture Discs
  • Sizing Pressure Relief Devices.
  • APPENDIX A ASME Code Safety Valve Rules 
  • APPENDIX B Properties of Fluids
  • APPENDIX C Standards Pertaining to Valves
  • APPENDIX D International System of Units (S.I.)
  • References

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