Friday, August 2, 2019

VMware vCloud Security (Free PDF)

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Welcome to VMware vCloud Security. In this book, you will learn how to mitigate the security threats on a private cloud running VMware vCloud Director. This book will enable the reader with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to build a highly secured private cloud running VMware vCloud. We will also look at a detailed step-by-step coverage with screenshots, which are usually not available in Cloud Security product manuals.

You will learn how to configure and manage vCloud Networking and Security App, which is a hyper-based firewall. You will also learn how to use vShield Endpoint, which can help you to strengthen your cloud security by mitigating threats from virus and malware attack.

In the last chapter, you will learn some advanced concepts of cloud assessment for maintaining compliance standards that are available across the world. You will also learn how to run a data security scan and review the violation report that is generated by vCloud Networking and Security Data Security and take necessary action to mitigate those risks.

Chapter 1: Installation and Configuration of vCloud Director
Chapter 2: Securing Your vCloud Using the vCloud Networking and Security App Firewall
Chapter 3: Mitigating Threats Using vShield Endpoint Security
Chapter 4: Overview of VMware vCloud Networking and Security Data Security

Author Details
"Prasenjit Sarkar" is a senior member of the technical staff in VMware Service Provider Cloud R&D, where he provides architectural oversight and technical guidance to design, implement, and test VMware's Cloud datacenters. He is an author, R&D guy, and a blogger focusing on virtualization, cloud computing, storage, networking, and other enterprise technologies.

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