Thursday, August 1, 2019

VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions (Free PDF)

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VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions is meant as a guide for architects, solution providers, consultants, engineers, and anyone planning to design and implement a solution based on VMware View 5. It will refer to real-world scenarios as they are likely the best teaching examples. It will explain the settings and configurations needed to have a successful solution as well as the reason behind the decisions.

This book is not meant to replace the official administration or installation guides for VMware View published by the great people at VMware. The administration and installation guides are used during the installation and implementation of the solution. The material in this book should be used during the design phase, which is before an implementation is underway.

Chapter 1: Components of VMware View
Chapter 2: Solution Methodology
Chapter 3: Persistent or Non-Persistent vDesktops
Chapter 4: End Devices
Chapter 5: The PCoIP Protocol
Chapter 6: Sizing the VDI
Chapter 7: Redundancy
Chapter 8: Sizing the Storage
Chapter 9: Security
Chapter 10: Migrating from Physical Desktops to Virtual Desktops
Chapter 11: Backing Up the VMware View Infrastructure
Chapter 12: VMware View 5.1
Appendix: Additional Tools

Author Details
"Jason Langone"

"Andre Leibovici"

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