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Wiring For Canadian Homes & Cottages (Free PDF)

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This book is intended to help the reader understand the residential occupancy requirements found in the 2002 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I. It is important to emphasize that this book is not intended to be used as a manual for electricians, renovators, contractors, or do-it-yourselfers on the installation of the electrical wiring systems required in a home or cottage. Most household electrical projects require the tools, skills, and experience of certified electricians.The Code also requires that when an electrical installation is installed or altered, the municipal, provincial, or territorial inspection department that has jurisdiction must inspect it to determine whether it complies with the Code and with any local requirements. This book must not be taken as a substitute for the Canadian Electrical Code, municipal, provincial, or territorial requirements, or the expertise of licensed electrical contractors, certified electricians, and inspection authorities.

Using This Book
1. Service Installations
2. Panels and Service Size
3. Branch circuits
4. Receptacles
5. Lighting
6. Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
7. Major Appliance and Electrical Equipment
Receptacle Requirements At A Glance
Lighting Requirements At A Glance
Smoke Alarm Requirements At A Glance
Carbon Monoxide (co) Detector Requirements At A Glance
Pool, Tub, and Spa Requirements At A Glance
Size of Service Worksheets

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