Monday, September 2, 2019

Accumulo: Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices

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We have designed this book to gather in a single place our community’s collective knowledge of how best to use Apache Accumulo. This includes some history and background on the Accumulo project, how to configure and tune an Accumulo instance, and much about how to write applications using Accumulo. This book should help you get started with Accumulo, as well as provide a reference for those already familiar with it.

Those new to distributed applications will find an overview of why data stores such as Accumulo have become popular in recent years. People looking to write applications using Accumulo will find detailed information about its API as well as common design patterns and motivations behind various uses of Accumulo. Administrators of Accumulo will learn basic through advanced configuration options, including tips for tuning Accumulo for better performance. Even experienced Accumulo users are likely to find some information in these pages that they have not encountered before.

1. Architecture and Data Model
2. Quick Start
3. Basic API.
4. Table API
5. Security API
6. Server-Side Functionality and External Clients
7. MapReduce API
8. Table Design
9. Advanced Table Designs
10. Internals
11. Administration: Setup
12. Administration: Running
13. Performance
A. Shell Commands Quick Reference
B. Metadata Table
C. Data Stored in ZooKeeper

Author Details
"Aaron Cordova"

"Billie Rinaldi"

"Michael Wall"

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