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Concise Guide to Databases: A Practical Introduction

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Databases are not new and there are many text books available which cover various database types, especially relational. What is changing, however, is that Relational DatabaseManagement Systems (RDBMS) are no longer the only database solution. In an era where Big Data is the current buzzword and Data Scientists are tomorrow’s big earners, it is important to take a wider view of database technology.

Key objectives for this book include:
• Present an understanding of the key technologies involved in Database Systems
in general and place those technologies in an historic context
• Explore the potential use of a variety of database types in a business environment
• Point out areas for further research in a fast moving domain
• Equip readers with an understanding of the important aspects of a database professional’s job
• Provide some hands-on experience to further assist in the understanding of the technologies involved

Part I: Databases in Context
1. Data, an Organisational Asset
2. A History of Databases
3. Physical Storage and Distribution
Part II: Database Types
4. Relational Databases
5. NoSQL Databases
6. BigData
7. Object and Object Relational Databases
8. In-Memory Databases
Part III: What Database ProfessionalsWorry About
9. Database Scalability
10. Database Availability
11. Database Performance
12. Security

Author Details
"Peter Lake"

"Paul Crowther"

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