Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Configuration Management with Chef-Solo (Free PDF)

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Chef-Solo is an open source version of chef-client originally developed by Chef Software, Inc. It is a complete framework to automate infrastructure operations for building servers or applications from scratch or adding new configurations to existing systems. These servers are managed by code written in Ruby and it also provides the facility to test and reproduce.

The book will take the reader through the workflow of managing one or more servers. Also, it includes many sample recipes to help you get started.

Throughout the process, we will have a look at the different interaction points and you will learn how Chef-Solo helps to minimize your efforts to build and efficiently manage different machines. You will be able to handle one or more servers from the code written in Ruby. This book will also help you to understand the need for a configuration management tool and an in-depth explanation of Chef-Solo.

This book will provide clear instructions to the reader on how to convert your infrastructure into code. Also, it explains different virtual machines and certain deployment automation tools including Vagrant and Docker.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Chef and Chef-Solo
Chapter 2: Setting Up an Environment for Chef-Solo
Chapter 3: Setting Up a Development Environment
Chapter 4: Developing Cookbooks
Chapter 5: More about Cookbooks and Recipes
Chapter 6: Chef-Solo and Docker

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"Naveed ur Rahman"

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