Saturday, September 21, 2019

Enterprise Search Enhancing Business Performance

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This book has been written to help business managers, and the IT teams supporting them, understand why effective enterprise-wide search is essential in any organization. The focus is on how to ensure that search applications deliver the information needed to make sound business decisions that enhance business performance. This second edition is twice the size of the first edition, which was published in 2012. Virtually every chapter has been revised, and chapters on open source search, SharePoint search, user interface design, website search, and search governance have been added.

One of the most visible changes to this edition is that each chapter includes a list of books, papers, reports, and web resources for readers who wish to dig deeper into search technology and its applications.

1. Searching, Finding, Deciding
2. Benefits and Challenges
3. Search Technology
4. Query and Results Management
5. The Business of Search
6. Open Source Search
7. SharePoint Search
8. Search Governance
9. Making a Business Case
10. Defining User Requirements
11. Searching for People and Expertise
12. Search User Interface Design
13. Specification and Selection
14. Installation and Implementation
15. Search Evaluation
16. Website Search
17. eDiscovery
18. Text and Content Analytics
19. The Next Five Years
A. Search Strategy
B. Critical Success Factors
C. Search Blogs
D. A Core Library for Enterprise Search
E. Vendor List

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"Martin White"

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