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IT Disaster Response: Lessons Learned In The Field (Free PDF)

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I grew up in a former railroad station, across the street from a firehouse, and one of my favorite shows was Emergency!. These may seem like incongruent facts, but they actually helped shape me in a number of ways.

I would watch as the firefighters would race to fires and would often discuss with my classmates the most recent big fire in town. While I was too young to join the fire department and moved away before I could become officially involved, I always had a great deal of respect for what they did. I recall when they upgraded from an ambulance that was essentially an oversized station wagon to an actual van that today we would recognize as being closer to what we think of as an ambulance. Later they upgraded again to what would definitely today be recognized as an ambulance. I didn’t fully understand the changes. It was only years later that I realized that the training and tools were evolving. Early ambulance drivers were often the guys (and back then, most were men) that could drive the patient to the hospital as quickly as possible. Many were actually morticians. This was because many ambulances were basically hearses. If you think about it, a coffin and a litter both slide in the same way.

There wasn’t much more requirement than driving fast. Over time, the EMS community emerged with the earliest EMTs and paramedics. People that previously would have died before they could get to the hospital were receiving treatment in the field that only a decade before was not possible.

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About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: A Different Approach
Chapter 2: Why Disaster Response?
Chapter 3: Introducing the Incident Command System
Chapter 4: Introducing CRM
Chapter 5: Checklists
Chapter 6: Roles of IT and Management 
Chapter 7: People
Chapter 8: The Small Stuff
Chapter 9: The Big Stuff
Chapter 10: When Is a Disaster Response Plan Not Enough?
Chapter 11: Why Test?
Chapter 12: Swiss Cheese
Chapter 13: Epilogue
Appendix A: Appendix

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"Greg D. Moore"

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