Monday, September 16, 2019

Junos Enterprise Routing (2nd Edition)

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The world of enterprise routing with Juniper Networks devices is getting very exciting—new technologies, products, and network developments are making the enterprise network environment one of the most dynamic places to be. However, we, the authors, hope to focus that energy by providing you with a detailed and practical foundation that ensures effective use of the Junos operating system in your day-to-day job.

Juniper has rounded out its line of enterprise products to include not only routers but also switches and security devices, so drawing from our professional services experiences, this new edition provides you with design guidelines and comparisons of device capabilities. Our hope here is not to give you a single way to design a network but plenty of ideas that allow you to get the most from your network design, whatever it is.

Because we are also involved in the development and testing of certification exams, including those for enterprise routing, this book does double duty. It is both a field guide and a certification study guide. Readers who are interested in attaining a Juniper Networks certification level would be wise to note that we discuss and cover topics that are relevant to the official exams (hint, hint) and that the end of each chapter provides a listing of examination topics covered as well as a series of review questions that allow you to test your comprehension.

About the Authors
1. Junos in the Enterprise
2. Enterprise Design
3. Juniper Switching and Routing Platforms
4. Interfaces
5. Protocol Independent Properties and Routing Policy
6. Interior Gateway Protocols and Migration Strategies
7. Border Gateway Protocol and Enterprise Routing Policy
8. Access Security
9. Junos Layer 2 Services 
10. Class of Service 
11. IP Multicast in the Enterprise 
12. Junos Security Services
A. Junos Layer 3 Services
B. Upgrading Junos

Author Details
"Peter Southwick"

"Doug Marschke"

"Harry Reynolds"

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