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Learning Android Intents (Free PDF)

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Android is an emerging technology with lots of apps on the Google Play market. Till date, it is the biggest marvel in smartphone technology, propelling a larger number of developers toward Android development. Intent is an essential part of any Android application, and no Android application is complete without using them. Features such as listening for broadcasts, sending messages, sharing via social networks, sending notifications, and accessing hardware components such as camera, sensors, and Wi-Fi, can be easily be carried out in your Android applications using intents.

Learning Android Intents focuses on using intents to make the best use of various features of Android platforms. It is ideal for developers who want to understand the backbone and the domain of Android intents, its power, and the need of it inside an Android application. Practical, in-depth examples are used throughout the book to help understand the key concepts of using intents.

The book starts by introducing the very basic concepts of Android and its various facts and figures, such as the different Android versions, their release dates, and evolution of Android devices. While covering the basic technical concepts, it proceeds from the easiest route of introducing Android intents toward the more practical view of Android intents in terms of components and features.

In this book, you will learn how to use different components and features such as transferring data between activities, invoke various features and components of Android, execute different built-in and custom-made services, access the hardware and software components of an Android device, and send notifications and alarms. You will gain theoretical knowledge of what is running behind the concepts of Android intents and practical knowledge of the mobile-efficient ways to perform a certain task using Android intents.

Chapter 1: Understanding Android
Chapter 2: Introduction to Android Intents
Chapter 3: Intent and Its Categorization
Chapter 4: Intents for Mobile Components
Chapter 5: Data Transfer Using Intents
Chapter 6: Accessing Android Features Using Intents
Chapter 7: Intent Filters
Chapter 8: Broadcasting Intents
Chapter 9: Intent Service and Pending Intents

Author Details
"Muhammad Usama bin Aftab" is a telecommunications engineer with a flair for programming. He has been working in the IT industry for the last two years, in which he worked on Android Development, AndEngine GLES 1 and 2, Starling, Adobe Air, and Unity 3D.

"Wajahat Karim" is a software engineer and has a high interest in game development for mobile and Facebook platforms. He completed his graduation from NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (SEECS), Islamabad, Pakistan.

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