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Learning AWS (Free PDF)

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With an increasing interest in leveraging cloud infrastructure around the world, the AWS cloud from Amazon offers a cutting-edge platform for architecting, building, and deploying web-scale cloud applications through a user-friendly interface. The variety of features available within AWS can reduce overall infrastructure costs and accelerate the development process for both large enterprises and start-ups alike.

Learning AWS covers basic, intermediate, and advanced features and concepts as they relate to designing, developing, and deploying scalable, highly available, and secure applications on the AWS platform. By sequentially working through the steps in each chapter, you will quickly master the features of AWS to create an enterprise-grade cloud application. We use a three-tiered services-oriented sample application for extensive hands-on exercises.

This book will not only teach you about the AWS components, but you will gain valuable information about key concepts such as multi-tenancy, auto scaling, planning, implementing application development environments, addressing application security concerns, and so on. You will also learn how these concepts relate to cost effective architectural decisions while designing scalable, highly available, and secure AWS cloud applications.

Chapter 1: Cloud 101 – Understanding the Basics
Chapter 2: Designing Cloud Applications – An Architect's Perspective
Chapter 3: AWS Components, Cost Model, and Application Development Environments
Chapter 4: Designing for and Implementing Scalability
Chapter 5: Designing for and Implementing High Availability
Chapter 6: Designing for and Implementing Security
Chapter 7: Deploying to Production and Going Live

Author Details
"Aurobindo Sarkar" is a consulting CTO at BYOF Studios. With a career spanning 22 plus years, he has consulted at some of the leading organizations in the U.S., the UK, and Canada. He specializes in Software as a Service product development, cloud computing, cloud economics, big data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, and web-scale architectures.

"Amit Shah" has a bachelor's degree in electronics. He is a senior manager at Western Outdoor Interactive. He has been programming since the early '80s with the first wave of personal computing—initially as a hobbyist and then as a professional.

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