Monday, September 16, 2019

Learning CFEngine 3 (Free PDF)

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This is a book about system administration. As any system administrator knows, there is no professional joy greater than seeing systems work consistently and perform their tasks flawlessly. And the joy is even greater if the systems need as little human attention as possible. Automating system administration tasks is not only a source of pride, but also an urgent need once the number of machines under our control grows beyond a very small number, as it is otherwise impossible to keep track of everything by hand. The number and complexity of computer systems have grown exponentially over the years, to the point where managing them by hand has become impossible for any single person. To this effect, CFEngine can help. CFEngine is a useful automation tool, but it goes well beyond that. It provides you with a framework to manage and implement IT infrastructure in a sustainable, scalable, and efficient manner. It allows you to elevate your thinking about systems so that you can focus on the higher-level issues of design, implementation, and maintenance, while having the certainty that lower-level details are handled for you automatically.

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started with CFEngine
3. CFEngine Basics
4. Using CFEngine
5. CFEngine Tips, Tricks, and P
6. Advanced Topics
Appendix: Editing CFEngine 3 Configurations in Emacs

Author Details
"Diego Zamboni"

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