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Learning Dart (Free PDF)

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Dart is a new open source programming language for the Web. Developed by Google, Dart is gaining popularity and has a steadily growing community. It is a single language for both client and server that can be used with a wide range of devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and servers. It encompasses the lessons that have been learned over the last two decades of web programming. Stop solving new challenges with the same old tools - let Dart show you a whole new way.

"Learning Dart" provides you with a thorough overview of this new open source programming language. It will guide you step-by-step through building games and business applications for the Web, taking advantage of the power behind a modern language combined with HTML5.

"Learning Dart" starts by exploring the Dart ecosystem. This is followed by two chapters that will show you everything you need to know about Dart's syntax and development principles. Throughout the rest of the book, you will apply this knowledge to advanced topics with the help of an example-based approach.

You will explore how to build web games using HTML5, how to integrate audio and video into your applications, and how to process and show data in HTML5 forms with Dart. The book also shows you how web components fit together with HTML5 and how to apply them in business web applications. You also learn how to store data on the client, how to communicate data between client and server with JSON, and how to store JSON data with MongoDB.

Chapter 1: Dart – A Modern Web Programming Language
Chapter 2: Getting to Work with Dart
Chapter 3: Structuring Code with Classes and Libraries
Chapter 4: Modeling Web Applications with Model Concepts and Dartlero
Chapter 5: Handling the DOM in a New Way
Chapter 6: Combining HTML5 Forms with Dart
Chapter 7: Building Games with HTML5 and Dart
Chapter 8: Developing Business Applications with Polymer Web Components
Chapter 9: Modeling More Complex Applications with Dartling
Chapter 10: MVC Web and UI Frameworks in Dart – An Overview
Chapter 11: Local Data and Client-Server Communication
Chapter 12: Data-driven Web Applications with MySQL and MongoDB

Author Details
"Ivo Balbaert"

"Dzenan Ridjanovic"

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