Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Learning Docker Networking (Free PDF)

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This book helps the reader to learn, create, deploy, and provide administration steps for Docker networking. Docker is a Linux container implementation that enables the creation of light-weight portable development and production-quality environments. These environments can be updated incrementally. Docker achieves this by leveraging containment principles, such as cgroups and Linux namespaces, along with overlay filesystem-based portable images.

Docker provides the networking primitives that allow administrators to specify how different containers network with each application, connect to each of their components, then distribute them across a large number of servers, and ensure coordination between them irrespective of the host or the VM that they are running on. This book aggregates all the latest Docker networking technology and provides great in depth explanation with setup details.

1. Docker Networking Primer
2. Docker Networking Internals
3. Building Your First Docker Network
4. Networking in a Docker Cluster
5. Security and QoS for Docker Containers
6. Next Generation Networking Stack for Docker: libnetwork

Author Details
"Rajdeep Dua" has over 16 years of experience in distributed systems. He has worked in R&D and Developer Relation roles at Microsoft, Google, VMware, and Salesforce.com. He has exposure to multiple cloud platforms like Google App Engine, Heroku, Force.com, vSphere, and Google Compute Engine.

"Vaibhav Kohli" has around 3 years of working experience in the research and development department of VMware, and he has been teaching computer engineering for a year at the esteemed Mumbai University.

"Santosh Kumar Konduri" has around 5 years of IT experience. He is an expert OpenStack administrator with 3 years of experience.

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