Monday, September 23, 2019

Learning Unix for OS X (2nd Edition)

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This book is designed to teach Mac users the basics of Unix. You’ll learn how to use the command line (which Unix users refer to as the shell) and the filesystem, as well as some of Unix’s most useful commands. I’ll also give you a tour of some useful Unix commands that Apple’s team has written and are included with every Mac system—utilities that let you really gain control over your system.

Unix is a complex and powerful system, so I can only scratch the surface, but I’ll also tell you how to deepen your Unix knowledge once you’re ready for more.

1. Why Use Unix?
2. Using the Terminal
3. Exploring the Filesystem
4. File Management.
5. Finding Files and Information
6. Redirecting I/O.
7. Multitasking
8. Taking Unix Online
9. Of Windows and X11
10. Where to Go from Here

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"Dave Taylor"

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