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Linux and Solaris Recipes for Oracle DBAs (2nd Edition)

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Successful organizations use data to gain insights about their businesses to make better decisions and discover new growth opportunities. Gathering and storing data and extracting business intelligence is critical for success in today’s competitive environment. Database software and server technologies are used in combination to use vital information assets.

The databases that house this important business data require a stable and effective operating system environment. The Linux and Solaris operating systems excel as cost-effective platforms for database servers. As a DBA, you will inevitably shoulder the responsibility of implementing and maintaining databases running on these systems. Your job depends on your ability to work seamlessly with the server hosting your databases. The more you understand the operating system and tools, the better you’ll be able to perform. The best DBAs are the ones who know how to use which operating system features and in what situations.

This book provides you with task-oriented, ready-made solutions for DBAs in a Linux or Solaris environment. We cover topics from a DBA’s perspective of the operating system. You don’t have to read the book cover to cover; instead, each recipe is a how-to guide for a particular problem. This book allows you to focus on a topic and its corresponding solution.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Working in the Shell
Chapter 3: Managing Processes and Users
Chapter 4: Creating and Editing Files
Chapter 5: Managing Files and Directories
Chapter 6: Archiving and Compressing Files
Chapter 7: Shell Scripting
Chapter 8: Analyzing Server Performance
Chapter 9: Viewing and Configuring System Resources
Chapter 10: Automating Jobs with cron
Chapter 11: Managing Server Software
Chapter 12: VirtualBox for Oracle
Chapter 13: Optimizing Linux for Oracle Databases
Chapter 14: Working Securely Across a Network
Chapter 15: Managing X Window
Chapter 16: Managing Remote Servers with VNC
Appendix A: RAID Concepts
Appendix B: Server Log Files

Author Details
"Darl Kuhn" is a DBA/developer working for Oracle. He also teaches Oracle classes at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, and is an active member of the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group.

"Charles Kim" is the president of Viscosity North America, a niche consulting organization specializing in Oracle Exadata/RAC, GoldenGate, big data, Oracle performance tuning, and virtualization.

"Bernard Lopuz" is a senior technical support analyst at Oracle Corporation. In the early years of his IT career (before becoming an Oracle DBA), he was a programmer and developed Unisys LINC and Oracle applications, as well as interactive voice response applications such as telephone banking voice-processing applications.

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