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This book you hold in your hands provides a solid introduction to the Linux operating system. As its title suggests, it will give you the essential knowledge to begin using and managing this powerful operating system (OS), which is an important one in today’s computing world.

The following pages explain why you should care about Linux, describe the purpose of the Linux Professional Institute’s Linux Essentials certifi cation, offer advice on who should buy this book, detail how the book is organized, and explain some of the typographical and organizational elements within the book’s chapters.

CHAPTER 1: Selecting an Operating System
CHAPTER 2: Understanding Software Licensing
CHAPTER 3: Investigating Linux’s Principles and Philosophy
CHAPTER 4: Using Common Linux Programs
CHAPTER 5: Managing Hardware
CHAPTER 6: Getting to Know the Command Line
CHAPTER 7: Managing Files
CHAPTER 8: Searching, Extracting, and Archiving Data
CHAPTER 9: Exploring Processes and Process Data
CHAPTER 10: Editing Files
CHAPTER 11: Creating Scripts
CHAPTER 12: Understanding Basic Security
CHAPTER 13: Creating Users and Groups
CHAPTER 14: Setting Ownership and Permissions
CHAPTER 15: Managing Network Connections
APPENDIX A. Answers to Review Questions
APPENDIX B. LPI’s Certifi cation Program

Author Details
"Christine Bresnahan", CompTIA Linux+, LPIC-1, Linux Essentials, started working with computers more than 30 years ago in the IT industry as a systems administrator.

"Richard Blum", CompTIA Linux+, LPIC-1, Linux Essentials, has worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years as both a systems and network administrator, and he has published numerous Linux and open source books.

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