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Mastering: Active Directory for Windows Server 2008

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As I contemplate what I am going to say in this introduction, I find myself thinking, “Why would I want to buy this book?” And the first thing that comes to mind is a conversation I had with my acquisitions editor Tom Cirtin over the summer. We were discussing the upcoming release of Windows Server 2008 and an update to the Mastering Active Directory book. Just as we have done in the past with this book, we went the route of an all-inclusive Active Directory book rather than highlighting just the changes or new features that Windows Server 2008 brings to the table.

This book is a labor of love. I really do enjoy going through the new material and learning what I can do with an operating system. And I didn’t have to go through all of it myself. Truth be told, I am not qualified for some of this, especially the scripting section. C+ programming courses in college told me that I am not a programmer or a scripter; I dreaded those courses. On the front of this book there are three authors listed: Brad Price, John Price, and Scott Fenstermacher. We divided up the chores, with Brad and me writing the core of the book, which includes the designing, planning, managing, and troubleshooting sections, while Scott’s scripting expertise was being applied to the final section on scripting.

Part 1: Active Directory Design
Chapter 1: Active Directory Fundamentals
Chapter 2: Domain Name System Design
Chapter 3: Active Directory Domain Services Forest and Domain Design
Chapter 4: Organizing the Physical and Logical Aspects of AD DS
Chapter 5: Flexible Single Master Operations Design
Part 2: Active Directory Object Management
Chapter 6: Managing Accounts: User, Group, and Computer
Chapter 7: Maintaining Organizational Units
Chapter 8: Managing Group Policy
Chapter 9: Managing Active Directory Security
Part 3: Active Directory Service Management
Chapter 10: Managing Access with Active Directory Services
Chapter 11: Managing Active Directory Rights Management Services
Chapter 12: Managing Active Directory Certificate Services
Chapter 13: Managing the Flexible Single Master Operations Roles
Chapter 14: Maintaining the Active Directory Database
Part 4: Active Directory Best Practices and Troubleshooting
Chapter 15: Microsoft’s Troubleshooting Methodology for Active Directory
Chapter 16: Troubleshooting Problems Related to Network Infrastructure
Chapter 17: Troubleshooting Problems Related to the Active Directory Database
Part 5: Streamlining Management with Scripts
Chapter 18: ADSI Primer
Chapter 19: Active Directory Scripts
Chapter 20: Monitoring Active Directory
Chapter 21: Managing Active Directory with PowerShell
Appendix A. The Bottom Line

Author Details
"John A. Price" is the Lead Architect for a Microsoft Gold consulting firm in the Midwest. He has 11 years of experience with several Microsoft products, specializing in Active Directory, Exchange Server, and the System Center line of products.

"Brad Price" is an MCT with 16 years of experience in the IT field, specializing in Active Directory, Exchange Server, Systems Management Server, and Operation Manager. He is the author of several books on Active Directory.

"Scott Fenstermacher" holds a degree in Computer Science, along with Microsoft certifications for Systems Engineer, Database Administrator and Solutions Developer. Somewhere in there, he even managed to squeak in a Cisco certification.

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