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Mastering QGIS (Free PDF)

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Welcome to Mastering QGIS. The goal of this book is to help intermediate and advanced users of GIS develop a deep understanding of the capabilities of QGIS while building the technical skills that would facilitate in making the shift from a proprietary GIS software package to QGIS.

QGIS embodies the open source community's spirit. It seamlessly works with other free and open source geospatial software, such as SAGA, GDAL, GRASS, and fTools, and supports standards and formats that are published by myriad organizations. QGIS is about freedom in the geospatial world: freedom to choose your operating system, freedom from licensing fees, freedom to customize, freedom to look under the hood, and freedom to contribute to the development of QGIS. As you work through this book, we believe that you will be amazed at how much capability and freedom QGIS provides.

QGIS has rapidly risen from the initial version written by Gary Sherman in 2002 to become a globally used and developed volunteer-led project. In 2009, QGIS version 1.0 was released as an Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) project and continues to be rapidly adopted worldwide. The enduring support of the open source community has really delivered QGIS to a point where it is now a top-shelf product that should be in all GIS users' toolboxes, and we want this book to be your tour guide and reference as you learn, use, and contribute to QGIS.

Chapter 1: A Refreshing Look at QGIS
Chapter 2: Creating Spatial Databases
Chapter 3: Styling Raster and Vector Data
Chapter 4: Preparing Vector Data for Processing
Chapter 5: Preparing Raster Data for Processing
Chapter 6: Advanced Data Creation and Editing
Chapter 7: The Processing Toolbox
Chapter 8: Automating Workflows with the Graphical Modeler
Chapter 9: Creating QGIS Plugins with PyQGIS and Problem Solving
Chapter 10: PyQGIS Scripting

Author Details
"Kurt Menke", a certified GIS Professional (GISP), has been working in the GIS field since 1997. Prior to this, he worked as a professional archaeologist for 10 years in the American Southwest. He earned a master's degree (MA) in geography from the University of New Mexico in 2000.

"Dr. Richard Smith Jr"., is an assistant professor of geographic information science at the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

"Dr. Luigi Pirelli" is a freelance software analyst and developer with an honors degree in computer science from the University of Bari. He worked for 15 years in Satellite Ground Segment and Direct Ingestion for the European Space Agency.

"Dr. John Van Hoesen" is an associate professor of geology and environmental studies at Green Mountain College in rural west-central Vermont. He earned an MS in 2000 and a PhD in geology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 2003.

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