Thursday, September 19, 2019

Mastering Wireless Penetration Testing for Highly Secured Environments

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Wireless technology has become increasingly popular as it allows you to easily access the Internet from all sorts of locations around the world without requiring a network cable. But a wireless network isn't always secure if you don't understand its dangers, and especially if precautions are not taken. It is important to secure your wireless network for your own protection. Instances of identity and personal information theft has risen in the last several years.

Even though it is easier to set up and connect to an unsecure wireless network, it is no longer safe as there is a greater risk of your personal data being stolen. It can be easily intercepted by another user with little to no experience. An unsecured wireless network is also another way for a user to monitor your online activity, such as your web suring habits, chats, e-mail, and even your online banking account. While this book provides methods to protect wireless networks, it focuses heavily on how an attacker can break into a secured wireless network. It also demonstrates what an attacker can do once they have access to a wireless network.

Chapter 1: Preparing for an Effective Wireless Penetration Test
Chapter 2: Wireless Security Testing
Chapter 3: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
Chapter 4: Penetrating Wireless Networks
Chapter 5: Gaining Access to the Network
Chapter 6: Vulnerability Assessment
Chapter 7: Client-side Attacks
Chapter 8: Data Capture and Exploitation
Chapter 9: Post-Exploitation
Chapter 10: Reporting

Author Details
"Aaron Johns" currently works for Intrasect Technologies as an IT Specialist. He provides support for over 160 clients. His work roles include maintaining business networks and security policies to increase operational eficiencies and reduce costs.

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