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Network Attacks and Defenses: A Hands-on Approach

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This book does not pretend to include all offense and defense techniques. In contrast to other related security textbooks, this book discusses both the generation of several well-known network attacks and methods to implement the appropriate defense techniques. Practical processes involved in generating attacks are propagated to educate the reader on the complexity of the same rather than advocating the use of off-the-shelf security attack and penetration tools. The book is designed to accompany and complement existing trade or academic press texts, and can be offered to students enrolled in network security courses.

As a prerequisite for this book, the authors assume that the reader has knowledge of basic networking protocols and principles. The hardware network and security devices used in the exercises are from Juniper Networks and Cisco. However, the labs can easily be rebuilt using any available network and security devices or software from other vendors offering similar functionalities.

1. Switch’s CAM Table Poisoning Attack
2. ARP Cache Poisoning-Based MiM and DoS Attacks
3. Abnormal ARP Traffic Detection and Prevention
4. Network Traffic Sniffing and Promiscuous Mode Detection
5. IP-Based Denial-of-Service Attacks
6. Reconnaissance Traffic
7. Packet Filtering and Inspection
8. Router Security
9. Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel Implementation against Eavesdropping Attacks
10. Remote Access VPN Tunnel Implementation against Eavesdropping Attacks

Author Details
"Zouheir Trabelsi"

"Kadhim Hayawi"

"Arwa Al Braiki"

"Sujith Samuel Mathew"

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