Sunday, September 22, 2019

Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi (Free PDF)

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The focus of this book is to learn how to combine the power of Kali Linux with the portability and low cost of a Raspberry Pi. The result is an extremely flexible penetration testing platform for specific projects that don't require applications with high processing power needs. We have used this toolset to conduct penetration and vulnerability testing from remote locations, used the portability of the Raspberry Pi to test security assessment covertly at different locations, and have configured the Raspberry Pi to be managed remotely with little footprint. Additionally, the low footprint and power consumption of the Raspberry Pi means that it is possible to run the device for a solid day or two on external battery pack USBs. Using Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi can provide a penetration tester with a unique and cost-effective option to accomplish testing objectives.

Chapter 1: Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux Basics
Chapter 2: Preparing the Raspberry Pi
Chapter 3: Penetration Testing
Chapter 4: Raspberry Pi Attacks
Chapter 5: Ending the Penetration Test
Chapter 6: Other Raspberry Pi Projects

Author Details
"Aamir Lakhani" is a leading cyber security architect, senior strategist, and researcher. He is responsible for providing IT security solutions to major commercial and federal enterprise organizations.

"Joseph Muniz" is a consultant at Cisco Systems and security researcher. He started his career in software development and later managed networks as a contracted technical resource.

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