Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Real World Windows 10 Development (2nd Edition)

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While this book covers an end-to-end explanation of app development in the Windows 10 environment, its reach is more comprehensive than this. First, we begin with a thorough introduction to the Windows 10 environment. Following the app development process, we expand into the ins and outs of the submission process, even touching on monetizing your app and making you app successful in other respects as well. As the book takes you through app development, instruction is given for every step of the process. In addition, the instruction relies heavily upon samples in which you are also given the code to build, thus making the text an interactive, hands-on process. While you can utilize this book as a desktop reference text, referring to chapters, sections, and topics as needed, we believe it is worthwhile to read front-to-back; by building the examples in order you’ll build a thorough knowledge of exactly how to create a fully realized app in the Windows 10 platform in the process.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewers
Chapter 1: The Windows 10 Ethos and Environment
Chapter 2: Basic Controls
Chapter 3: Data Controls
Chapter 4: Layout and Custom Controls
Chapter 5: Building an Adaptive Experience
Chapter 6: File IO
Chapter 7: Working with Media
Chapter 8: Location and Mapping
Chapter 9: Background Tasks
Chapter 10: Shell Integration
Chapter 11: Communicating Between Apps
Chapter 12: Leveraging Cortana and Speech
Chapter 13: App Monetization
Chapter 14: Leveraging Existing Code
Chapter 15: Distributing Universal Apps

Author Details
"Edward Moemeka" is an enterprise architect with a career spanning two decades. His experience in building, integrating, and delivering high-profile, large-scale applications for clients has made him a known commodity in the technology field.

"Elizabeth Moemeka" is a communications specialist whose experience spans writing, marketing, and project support. She has used her creative expertise towards designing Windows apps.

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