Monday, September 23, 2019

Using Mac OS X Mavericks (Free PDF)

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Using Mac OS X Mavericks introduces you to the new version of Apple's Mac OS and is designed to help beginners and enthusiast users who want to get up and running quickly and make better use of their computers.

Mavericks is not a major update to Mac OS. There are a lot of tweaks to the interface, such as tags and tabs, new applications, such as iBooks and Maps, a new look to Pages and Keynote, and a lot more. So if you're a new Mac user, switched from Windows, or are a keen Mac user wanting to do more, I will do my best to guide you through using your Mac.

This book has been especially written in a step-by-step fashion using photography and screen prints to illustrate the steps as clearly and concisely as possible

About the Author
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Mavericks
CHAPTER 2: The Cloud
CHAPTER 3: App Store
CHAPTER 4: Time Machine
CHAPTER 5: Security Considerations
CHAPTER 6: Using the Internet
CHAPTER 7: Apple Email
CHAPTER 8: Calendar
CHAPTER 9: Using iTunes
CHAPTER 10: Using iPhoto
CHAPTER 11: Using iMovie
CHAPTER 12: Pages 5
CHAPTER 13: Keynote
CHAPTER 14: Giving Presentations

Author Details
"Kevin Wilson"

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