Monday, September 23, 2019

Windows 10 For Dummies, (3rd Edition)

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Don’t try to read this book in one sitting; there’s no need. Instead, treat this book like a dictionary or an encyclopedia. Turn to the page with the information you need and say, “Ah, so that’s what they’re talking about.” Then put down the book and move on.

Don’t bother trying to memorize all the Windows jargon, such as Select the Menu Item from the Drop-Down List Box. Leave that stuff for the computer enthusiasts. In fact, if anything technical comes up in a chapter, a road sign warns you well in advance. Depending on your mood, you can either slow down to read it or speed on around it.

Part 1: Windows 10 Stuff Everybody Thinks You Already Know
CHAPTER 1: What Is Windows 10?
CHAPTER 2: Starting with the Start Menu
CHAPTER 3: The Traditional Desktop
CHAPTER 4: Basic Desktop Window Mechanics
CHAPTER 5: Storage: Internal, External, and in the Cloud
Part 2: Working with Programs, Apps, and Files
CHAPTER 6: Playing with Programs, Apps, and Documents
CHAPTER 7: Finding the Lost
CHAPTER 8: Printing and Scanning Your Work
Part 3: Getting Things Done on the Internet
CHAPTER 9: Cruising the Web
CHAPTER 10: Being Social: Mail, People, and Calendar
CHAPTER 11: Safe Computing
Part 4: Customizing and Upgrading Windows 10
CHAPTER 12: Customizing Settings in Windows
CHAPTER 13: Keeping Windows from Breaking
CHAPTER 14: Sharing One Computer with Several People
CHAPTER 15: Connecting Computers with a Network
Part 5: Music, Photos, and Movies
CHAPTER 16: Playing and Copying Music
CHAPTER 17: Fiddling with Photos (And Videos)
Part 6: Help!
CHAPTER 18: The Case of the Broken Window
CHAPTER 19: Strange Messages: What You Did Does Not Compute
CHAPTER 20: Moving from an Old PC to a New Windows 10 PC
CHAPTER 21: Help on the Windows Help System
Part 7: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 22: Ten Things You’ll Hate about Windows 10 (And How to Fix Them)
CHAPTER 23: Ten or So Tips for Tablet and Laptop Owners

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"Andy Rathbone"

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