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Windows 10 for the Internet of Things (Free PDF)

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Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are not nearly as complicated as the name may seem to indicate. Indeed, the IoT is largely another name for what we have already been doing. You may have heard of connected devices or Internet-ready or even cloud-enabled. All of these refer to the same thing—be it a single device such as a toaster or a plant monitor or a complex, multidevice product like home automation solutions. They all share one thing in common: they can be accessed via the Internet to either display data or interact with the devices directly. The trick is applying knowledge of technologies to leverage them to the best advantages for your IoT solution. Until the release of Windows 10 IoT Core, those who use Windows wanting to experiment with IoT solutions and in particular hardware like the Raspberry Pi had to learn a new operating system in order to get started. That is no longer true! In this book, we explore how to leverage Windows 10 in your IoT solutions.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: What Is the Internet of Things?
Chapter 2: Introducing the Windows 10 IoT Core
Chapter 3: Introducing the Raspberry Pi
Chapter 4: Developing IoT Solutions with Windows 10
Chapter 5: Windows 10 IoT Development with C++
Chapter 6: Windows 10 IoT Development with C#
Chapter 7: Windows 10 IoT Development with Python
Chapter 8: Electronics for Beginners
Chapter 9: The Adafruit Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi
Chapter 10: Project 1: Building an LED Power Meter
Chapter 11: Project 2: Measuring Light
Chapter 12: Project 3: Using Weather Sensors
Chapter 13: Project 4: Using MySQL to Store Data
Chapter 14: Project 5: Using a Web Server to Control Hardware
Chapter 15: Project 6: Windows IoT and Arduino
Chapter 16: Azure IoT Solutions: Cloud Services
Chapter 17: Where to Go from Here?

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Dr. Charles Bell conducts research in emerging technologies. He is a member of the Oracle MySQL Development team as a senior developer working on a variety of database administration and high-availability projects.

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