Monday, September 23, 2019

Windows 10 For Seniors For Dummies (Free PDF)

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Age is just a number. This book is intended for anyone getting started with Windows 10 who wants step-by-step instructions without a lot of discussion. The Get ready to . . . bullets at the beginning of each chapter lead you to practical tasks. Numerous figures with notes show you the computer screen as you progress through the steps. Reading this book is like having an experienced friend stand behind you as you use Windows 10 . . . someone who never takes control of the computer away from you.

Windows 10 is a work in progress. Microsoft updates the Windows 10 operating system from time to time to make it more secure and agreeable to the people who use it. (Chapter 3 explains how to check for updates to Windows 10.) Because the operating system is continuously updated, the screen shots you see in this book may not exactly match what you see on your screen.

Part I: Getting Started with Windows 10
Chapter 1: Getting in Touch with Windows 10
Chapter 2: Using the Start Screen and Apps
Chapter 3: Adjusting Windows 10 Settings
Chapter 4: Working with User Accounts
Chapter 5: Getting Comfortable with the Desktop
Part II: Windows 10 and the Web
Chapter 6: Finding What You Need on the Web
Chapter 7: Emailing Family and Friends
Chapter 8: Exploring Apps for Your Daily Life
Part III: Having Fun with Windows 10
Chapter 9: Exploring the Microsoft Store
Chapter 10: Taking Photos and More
Chapter 11: Enjoying Music and Videos
Part IV: Beyond the Basics
Chapter 12: Maintaining Windows 10
Chapter 13: Connecting a Printer and Other Devices
Chapter 14: Organizing Your Documents
Chapter 15: Backing Up and Restoring Files

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"Peter Weverka"

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