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Windows 10: The Missing Manual (Free PDF)

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Even Microsoft admits it now: Windows 8 was a huge mistake. It was, in essence, two radically different operating systems, superimposed (see Figure 1). There was the regular desktop, which worked a lot like the popular Windows 7. And then, lying over it, there was a new, colorful world of tiles and modern typography—I called it “TileWorld,” since Microsoft didn’t have a name for it—that was designed for the new world of touchscreen tablets and laptops.

Unfortunately, the result was two Web browsers, two Control Panels, two mail programs, two ways of doing everything. And, in general, people couldn’t stand it.

In hopes of getting as far away from Windows 8 as possible, Microsoft skipped Windows 9 entirely; there never was a Windows 9. But now there’s Windows 10.

In this new operating system, Microsoft achieved something rather brilliant: It eliminated the split personality of Windows 8 but managed to retain the touch-friendly features. Just in case, you know, the world moves to touchscreen computers after all.

If you’re a PC veteran, then you’ll recognize Windows 10: It’s pretty much Windows 7 with a few new features and nicer typography.

Part One. The Windows Desktop
Chapter 1, Desktop & Start Menu
Chapter 2, File Explorer, Taskbar & Action Center
Chapter 3, Organizing & Finding Your Files
Chapter 4, Redesigning the Desktop
Chapter 5, Cortana, Your Voice Assistant
Part Two. The Programs of Windows 10
Chapter 6, Programs & Documents
Chapter 7, Settings & Control Panel
Chapter 8, The Windows Starter Apps
Part Three. Windows Online
Chapter 9, Getting Online
Chapter 10, The Edge Browser Mail
Chapter 12, Security & Privacy
Part Four. Hardware and Peripherals
Chapter 13, Tablets, Laptops & Hybrids
Chapter 14, Printing, Fonts & PDFs
Chapter 15, Hardware & Drivers
Part Five. PC Health
Chapter 16, Maintenance, Speed & Troubleshooting
Chapter 17, Backups & File History
Chapter 18, The Disk Chapter
Part Six. The Windows Network
Chapter 19, Accounts (and Logging On)
Chapter 20, Setting Up a Small Network
Chapter 21, Sharing Files on the Network
Part Seven. Appendixes
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D. Colophon

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