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Windows Malware Analysis Essentials (Free PDF)

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Welcome to Windows Malware Analysis Essentials. This book will help you demystify the process of analyzing Windows-specific malware, and it will show you how to work with the weapons in the malware analysts' arsenal. It will also help you develop skills to analyze malware on your own with informed confidence.

Malware is a big and global business—with malware fighters a relatively reclusive and closed community since the inception of the antivirus industry. This also means that anti-malware technologies are a relative mystery to most regular folk with a dichotomy existing perpetually. Only recently have extensive steps been taken to alleviate this problem, which is becoming more and more visible and pervasive. Even gaining knowledge has become an expensive affair with training and courses running into many thousands of dollars for relatively foundational information. The training market does have value and an audience, but the IT masses do not have much access to it, even if the interest is there. Malware has moved on from being a sport or hobby to organized crime and even though the hacker community shares between them, the IT crowd is not very initiated or well informed. Skilled manpower is required, and right now, demand exceeds supply. Working in an anti-malware firm is not the only way to fight malware, and with signature-based detection slowly becoming an unwieldy technology, more minds are required to innovate or invent new solutions to existing challenges. This has to be a multipronged approach taking from data analytics, mathematics, biology, law enforcement, and of course, computers, among a host of other requirements. Getting up to speed with the fundamentals of malware analysis makes things more manageable when the proverbial stuff hits the fan.

Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole
Chapter 2: Dancing with the Dead
Chapter 3: Performing a Séance Session
Chapter 4: Traversing Across Parallel Dimensions
Chapter 5: Good versus Evil – Ogre Wars

Author Details
"Victor Marak" is a security researcher, an electronic musician, and a world backpacker. He is a college dropout and an autodidact, and he loves working on interesting subjects such as medieval music composition, demonology, DSP electronics, and psychology.

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