Thursday, September 26, 2019

Windows Server 2012: Up and Running (Free PDF)

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This book focuses on the new features and capabilities that make Server 2012 an operating system tailored for the cloud. My goal is to get Windows system administrators acquainted with the new features by providing examples of deploying and configuring them.

New ways of managing virtual networks and storage, improved Unified Remote Access options, and advancements in storage with a new filesystem are some of the features you’ll learn about that make Server 2012 “future forward.” Step-by-step instructions— complete with screenshots—walk you through deploying and configuring what’s new and what’s been enhanced. All screenshots and instructions are based on actual deployment and configuration in a test environment as well as whitepaper documentation from Microsoft’s TechNet.

1. Windows Server 2012: Overview
2. Windows Server 2012 Requirements and Installation
3. Managing Server 2012
4. Active Directory
5. Managing Users and Data with Dynamic Access Control
6. Storage Management and Clustering
7. Hyper-V.
8. Networking
9. Remote Access
10. Troubleshooting, Securing, and Monitoring

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"Samara Lynn"

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