Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Biostatistical Methods (Methods in Molecular Biology)

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Leading biostatisticians and biomedical researchers describe many of the key techniques used to solve commonly occurring data analytic problems in molecular biology, and demonstrate how these methods can be used in the development of new markers for exposure to a risk factor or for disease outcomes. Major areas of application include microarray analysis, proteomic studies, image quantitation, genetic susceptibility and association, evaluation of new biomarkers, and power analysis and sample size.

1. Statistical Contributions to Molecular Biology
2. Linking Image Quantitation and Data Analysis
3. Introduction to Microarray Experimentation and Analysis
4. Statistical Methods for Proteomics
5. Statistical Methods for Assessing Biomarkers
6. Power and Sample Size Considerations in Molecular Biology
7. Models for Determining Genetic Susceptibility and Predicting Outcome
8. Multiple Tests for Genetic Effects in Association Studies
9. Statistical Considerations in Assessing Molecular Markers for Cancer Prognosis and Treatment Efficacy
10. Power of the Rank Test for Multi-Strata Case-Control Studies with Ordinal Exposure Variables

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"Stephen W. Looney"

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