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Chemistry for Pharmacy Students: General, Organic and Natural Product Chemistry

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The pharmacy profession and the role of pharmacists in the modern healthcare systems have evolved quite rapidly over the last couple of decades. The services that pharmacists provide are expanding with the introduction of supplementary prescribing, provision of health checks, patient counselling and many others. The main ethos of pharmacy profession is now as much about keeping people healthy as treating them when they are not well. The modern pharmacy profession is shifting away from a product focus and towards a patient focus. To cope with these changes, and to meet the demand of the modern pharmacy profession, the pharmacy curriculum, especially in the developed world, has evolved significantly. In the western countries, almost all registered pharmacists are employed by the community and hospital pharmacies. As a consequence, the practice, law, management, care, prescribing science and clinical aspects of pharmacy have become the main components of pharmacy curriculum. In order to incorporate all these changes, naturally, the fundamental science components, e.g. chemistry, statistics, pharmaceutical biology, microbiology, pharmacognosy and a few other topics, have been reduced remarkably. The impact of these recent changes is more innocuous in the area of pharmaceutical chemistry.

1. Introduction
2. Atomic structure and bonding
3. Stereochemistry
4. Organic functional groups
5. Organic reactions
6. Natural product chemistry

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"Satyajit D. Sarker"
University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, UK

"Lutfun Nahar"
University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, UK

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