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Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach (Free PDF)

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This book is targeted at a broad audience, but in a nutshell–to anyone who wants to learn more about cloud computing. Cloud computing has become a hot topic in recent years, and people at different levels in your organization need to understand cloud computing in different ways.

This book is for anyone who may have recently heard the term “cloud computing” for the first time and needs to know what it is and how it helps them. This book is also for C-level executives, managers, analysts, and all manner of IT professionals. The goals of the book range from just wanting to be able to cut through the hype, to evaluating cloud-based solutions against the time, energy, and expense required to leverage them. We have attempted to fill this book with a broad range of resources and information.

This book explains some of the nuts and bolts of cloud computing and how companies can use cloud computing tools. Not only will the IT department find itself using the cloud to support the organization’s objectives, but with properly selected cloud solutions, they will spend less time maintaining servers and clients, running around with patches and service packs, and spend more time on innovative activities that help the organization thrive. On the front lines, workers may find this book helpful when seeking to understand cloud computing. Moving from a traditional network infrastructure to a cloud solution might be a tough sell for some workers. Understanding the players, the pieces, and why the move is necessary will help with the transition.

Part I: Getting Started
1. Cloud Computing Basics
2. Your Organization and Cloud Computing
3. Cloud Computing with the Titans
4. The Business Case for Going to the Cloud
Part II: Cloud Computing Technology
5. Hardware and Infrastructure
6. Accessing the Cloud
7. Cloud Storage
8. Standards
Part III: Cloud Computing at Work
9. Software as a Service
10. Software plus Services
11. Developing Applications
12. Local Clouds and Thin Clients
13. Migrating to the Cloud
14. Best Practices and the Future of Cloud Computing
A. Glossary, Vendors, and Resources

Author Details
"Anthony T. Velte"

"Toby J. Velte, Ph.D."

"Robert Elsenpeter"

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