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Concepts of Programming Languages (10th Edition)

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The goals, overall structure, and approach of this tenth edition of Concepts of Programming Languages remain the same as those of the nine earlier editions. The principal goals are to introduce the main constructs of contemporary programming languages and to provide the reader with the tools necessary for the critical evaluation of existing and future programming languages. A secondary goal is to prepare the reader for the study of compiler design, by providing an in-depth discussion of programming language structures, presenting a formal method of describing syntax and introducing approaches to lexical and syntatic analysis.

Chapter 1: Preliminaries
Chapter 2: Evolution of the Major Programming Languages
Chapter 3: Describing Syntax and Semantics
Chapter 4: Lexical and Syntax Analysis
Chapter 5: Names, Bindings, and Scopes
Chapter 6: Data Types
Chapter 7: Expressions and Assignment Statements
Chapter 8: Statement-Level Control Structures
Chapter 9: Subprograms
Chapter 10: Implementing Subprograms
Chapter 11: Abstract Data Types and Encapsulation Constructs
Chapter 12: Support for Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 13: Concurrency
Chapter 14: Exception Handling and Event Handling
Chapter 15: Functional Programming Languages
Chapter 16: Logic Programming Languages

Author Details
"Robert Sebesta" is an Associate Professor Emeritus in the Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs. Professor Sebesta received a BS in applied mathematics from the University of Colorado in Boulder and MS and PhD degrees in computer science from Pennsylvania State University. He has taught computer science for more than 38 years.

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