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Fitness For Dummies, (3rd Edition)

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Fitness For Dummies, 3rd Edition, updates you on all the latest — the good, the bad, and the totally weird. But our main mission remains the same as it was the first two times around: to tackle your fears, whether you worry that operating a stair-climber requires a degree in mechanical engineering or fret that no matter what exercise routine you start, sooner or later you’ll end up back in the recliner.

We don’t want you to become a fitness statistic. The fact is, among people who start an exercise program, half quit within eight weeks. This book gives you the knowledge and motivation to stick with fitness for the rest of your life.

Part I: Getting Your Butt off the Couch
Chapter 1: Fitness 101: Getting the Scoop
Chapter 2: Testing Your Fitness
Chapter 3: Establishing Your Plan of Attack
Chapter 4: Hiring a Trainer
Part II: Enjoying Total-Body Health: Eating Well and Staying Injury-Free 
Chapter 5: This Doesn’t Have to Happen to You: Avoiding Common Injuries
Chapter 6: The Scoop on Stretching
Chapter 7: Nutrition Basics
Part III: Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Chapter 8: Cardio Crash Course
Chapter 9: Using Cardio Machines
Chapter 10: Exercising Outdoors
Part IV: Lift and Curl: Building a Stronger Bod with Weights
Chapter 11: Why You’ve Gotta Lift Weights
Chapter 12: Your Muscles: Love ’Em or Lose ’Em
Chapter 13: Demystifying Strength Equipment
Chapter 14: Designing a Strength-Training Program
Part V: Cardio-Strength Workouts: Getting the Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 15: Circuit Training for Fitness and Fun
Chapter 16: All about Yoga: Mind and Body
Chapter 17: Pilates: Sculpting and Strengthening
Part VI: Conquering the Gym (Even at Home)
Chapter 18: Health-Club Primer: Getting the Most Out of Your Gym
Chapter 19: Choosing an Exercise Class or DVD
Chapter 20: Designing a Home Gym
Part VII: Exercising for All Ages and Stages
Chapter 21: Fit Pregnancy: Exercising for Two
Chapter 22: Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Fun Activities for the Whole Family
Chapter 23: Staying Active as You Age 
Part VIII: The Part of Tens
Chapter 24: Ten Great Reasons to Break a Sweat
Chapter 25: Ten Great Fitness Investments under $100
Chapter 26: Ten Fitness Rip-Offs
Chapter 27: Ten Ways to Stay Motivated
Appendix: Educating Yourself

Author Details
"Suzanne Schlosberg"

"Liz Neporent, M.A."

"Tere Stouffer Drenth"

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