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Food Biochemistry and Food Processing (Free PDF)

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In the last 20 years, the role of food biochemistry has assumed increasing significance in all major disciplines within the categories of food science, food technology, food engineering, food processing, and food biotechnology. In the five categories mentioned, progress has advanced exponentially. As usual, dissemination of information on this progress is expressed in many media, both printed and electronic. Books are available for almost every specialty area within the five disciplines mentioned, numbering in the hundreds. As is well known, the two areas of food biochemistry and food processing are intimately related. However, books covering a joint discussion of these topics are not so common.

Part I: Principles
1. Food Biochemistry—An Introduction
2. Analytical Techniques in Food Biochemistry
3. Recent Advances in Food Biotechnology Research
4. Browning Reactions
Part II: Water, Enzymology, Biotechnology, and Protein Cross-linking
5. Water Chemistry and Biochemistry
6. Enzyme Classification and Nomenclature
7. Enzyme Activities
8. Enzyme Engineering and Technology
9. Protein Cross-linking in Food
10. Chymosin in Cheese Making
11. Starch Synthesis in the Potato Tuber
12. Pectic Enzymes in Tomatoes
Part III: Muscle Foods
13. Biochemistry of Raw Meat and Poultry
14. Biochemistry of Processing Meat and Poultry
15. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Color in Muscle Foods
16. Biochemistry of Seafood Processing
17. Seafood Enzymes
18. Proteomics: Methodology and Application in Fish Processing
Part IV: Milk
19. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Milk Constituents
20. Biochemistry of Milk Processing
Part V: Fruits, Vegetables, and Cereals
21. Biochemistry of Fruits
22. Biochemistry of Fruit Processing
23. Biochemistry of Vegetable Processing
24. Nonenzymatic Browning of Cookies, Crackers, and Breakfast Cereals
25. Rye Constituents and Their Impact on Rye Processing
Part VI: Fermented Foods
26. Dairy Products
27. Bakery and Cereal Products
28. Biochemistry of Fermented Meat
29. Biochemistry and Fermentation of Beer
Part VII: Food Safety
30. Microbial Safety of Food and Food Products
31. Emerging Bacterial Foodborne Pathogens and Methods of Detection

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