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Homeopathic Pharmacy Theory and Practice (2nd Edition)

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This is a good time to publish a book on homeopathic pharmacy. Not only did we celebrate the 250th year of the birth of Samuel Hahnemann in 2005, but the opportunities for a proper integrative healthcare system have never been greater. When I was writing the first edition of this book, more than 10 years ago, healthcare delivery was taking place in a very different environment: general practitioners diagnosed and prescribed, pharmacists dispensed and counselled patients – albeit with some hesitation – and nurses looked after patients with the same traditional skills they had used for centuries. On a corporate level, none of us talked to our non-medically qualified practitioners. On a personal level, some of our best friends were professional homeopaths and we interacted frequently.

In the UK, the shift from a product-oriented health service to a patientoriented service and the granting of NHS prescribing rights to healthcare professionals other than doctors have brought about a totally different situation. ‘Fire-fighting’ disease is no longer our main aim; instead this is merely one of many, situated half way along a continuum extending from the promotion and maintenance of good health at one end to ongoing support and rehabilitation at the other.

Chapter 1: Introduction to complementary and alternative medicine
Chapter 2: Historical background of homeopathy
Chapter 3: The development of homeopathy around the world
Chapter 4: Preparing the remedy
Chapter 5: Supply of a named remedy
Chapter 6: The provision of: homeopathic treatment
Chapter 7: The theory of disease and treatment
Chapter 8: Choosing the remedy
Chapter 9: First aid and acute applications
Chapter 10: Therapies allied to homeopathy
Chapter 11: Homeopathic research
Chapter 12: Education
Chapter 13: Materia medica
Appendix 1: Some useful addresses
Appendix 2: Further reading

Author Details
"Steven B. Kayne" practised in Glasgow, UK, as a Community Pharmacist with an interest in homeopathy and other complementary disciplines for more than 30 years.

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