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Rebuilding West Africa’s Food Potential (Free PDF)

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The present book focusing on West Africa embodies a thorough analysis of past and present policies pertaining to food value chains without overlooking export commodities. It examines detailed value chain case studies conducted in several countries, covering both staple food commodities (rice, maize, sorghum, millet and cassava) and export crops (cocoa, cotton, oil palm, mangoes and horticultural products). It reviews public and private initiatives and includes thematic analyses on not only the private sector but also farmers’ organizations seen as market agents.

This book aims to contribute to filling an existing gap in the literature on food value chains in West Africa. It identifies good practices in value chain development and provides policy guidance to agricultural and rural development stakeholders. It is intended to be a sourcebook for decision makers, especially at a time when many countries in the region have embarked on implementing their national agricultural strategies derived from the CAADP process.

The book recommends several priority areas for action. Key among these are: (a) Policy support to agriculture to achieve food security and poverty reduction must place greater emphasis on staple food crops and build stronger market incentives for smallholders’ inclusiveness, with particular focus on women’s access to inputs, credit, better organization and market/business capabilities; (b) Investment strategies aligned with CAADP must ensure greater policy coordination between public and private actors and enhance market opportunities, especially through domestic marketing and intra-regional trade; (c) Policy support should focus on developing market-based input delivery services, enhancing capacity for producers’ organizations to self-reliably access information, inputs, credit and forge credible business linkages with other value chain actors.

Editor’s note and acknowledgments
List of tables, figures and boxes
List of acronyms and abbreviations
Rebuilding West Africa’s food potential: Synthesis and recommendations
General introduction and book content
Chapter 1. West Africa food systems: An overview of trends and indicators of demand, supply, and trade
Chapter 2. A historical comparative analysis of commodity development models in West Africa and implications for staple food value chains
Chapter 3. Analytical review of national investment strategies and agricultural policies for the promotion of staple food value chains in West Africa
Chapter 4. Review and analysis of national investment strategies for agricultural policies in Central Africa: The Case of Cameroon
Chapter 5. Impact of Mali’s food and agricultural policies: an assessment of public expenditure and incentives to production from 2005 to 2010
Chapter 6. The role of the private sector and the engagement of smallholder farmers in food value chains: initiatives and successful cases from Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana
Chapter 7. GAIN methodology to enhance producer organizations’ capacity for market integration: Applications to West Africa
Chapter 8. Cocoa and cotton commodity chains in West Africa: Policy and institutional roles for smallholder market participation
Chapter 9. Constraints to smallholder participation in high-value agriculture in West Africa
Chapter 10. Comparative analysis of mango value chain models in Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana
Chapter 11. Oil palm industry growth in Africa: A value chain and smallholders’ study for Ghana
Chapter 12. Smallholder participation in value chains: The case of domestic rice in Senegal
Chapter 13. Rice in Mali: Enhancing competitiveness and promoting policies for inclusive value chain development
Chapter 14. An analysis of maize value chain and competitiveness in Burkina Faso: Implications for smallholder-inclusive policies and initiatives
Chapter 15. An assessment of sorghum and millet in Mali and implications for competitive and inclusive value chains
Chapter 16. Enhancing cassava marketing and processing in Cameroon: Drivers, constraints, and prospects of the value chain

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"Aziz Elbehri"

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