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Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering

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Welcome to Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering. This book was written after years of working on software development projects that repeatedly required reverse engineering of third party code, for a variety of reasons. At first this was a fairly tedious process that was only performed when there was simply no alternative means of getting information. Then all of a sudden, a certain mental barrier was broken and I found myself rapidly sifting through undocumented machine code, quickly deciphering its meaning and getting the answers I wanted regarding the code’s function and purpose. At that point it dawned on me that this was a remarkably powerful skill, because it meant that I could fairly easily get answers to any questions I had regarding software I was working with, even when I had no access to the relevant documentation or to the source code of the program in question. This book is about providing knowledge and techniques to allow anyone with a decent understanding of software to do just that.

The idea is simple: we should develop a solid understanding of low-level software, and learn techniques that will allow us to easily dig into any program’s binaries and retrieve information. Not sure why a system behaves the way it does and no one else has the answers? No problem—dig into it on your own and find out. Sounds scary and unrealistic? It’s not, and this is the very purpose of this book, to teach and demonstrate reverse engineering techniques that can be applied daily, for solving a wide variety of problems.

Part I: Reversing 101
Chapter 1: Foundations
Chapter 2: Low-Level Software
Chapter 3: Windows Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Reversing Tools
Part II: Applied Reversing
Chapter 5: Beyond the Documentation
Chapter 6: Deciphering File Formats
Chapter 7: Auditing Program Binaries
Chapter 8: Reversing Malware
Part III: Cracking
Chapter 9: Piracy and Copy Protection
Chapter 10: Antireversing Techniques
Chapter 11: Breaking Protections
Part IV: Beyond Disassembly
Chapter 12: Reversing .NET
Chapter 13: Decompilation
Appendix A. Deciphering Code Structures
Appendix B. Understanding Compiled Arithmetic
Appendix C. Deciphering Program Data

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"Eldad Eilam"

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