Saturday, April 25, 2020

Chiller Plant Design (Application_Guide._AG_31-003-1)

Using chilled water to cool a building or process is efficient and flexible. A two-inch Schedule 40 pipe of chilled water can supply as much comfort cooling as 42" diameter round air duct. The use of chillers allows the design engineer to produce chilled water in a central building location or even on the roof and distribute the water economically and without the use of large duct shafts. Chilled water also provides accurate temperature control that is especially useful for variable air volume (VAV) applications.

The purpose of this manual is to discuss various piping and control strategies commonly used with chilled water systems including variable flow pumping systems.

Table of Content :-
Basic System
Water Temperatures and Ranges
Air and Evaporatively Cooled Chillers
Dual Compressor and VFD Chillers
Mechanical Room Safety
Single Chiller System
Parallel Chiller System
Series Chillers
Primary/Secondary Systems
Water-Side Free Cooling
Hybrid Plants
Heat Recovery and Templifiers
Variable Primary Flow Design
Low Delta T Syndrome
Process Applications
Minimum Chilled Water Volume

Note:- The information contained within this document represents the opinions and suggestions of
McQuay International. Equipment, the application of the equipment, and the system
suggestions are offered by McQuay International as suggestions only, and McQuay
International does not assume responsibility for the performance of any system as a result of
these suggestions. Final responsibility for the system design and performance lies with the
system engineer.

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