Friday, April 24, 2020

Process Piping Design Volume-1 ( 70's-Forgotten Book)

In a refining or petrochemical complex , piping constitutes the major expenditure of all the design disciplines. Piping consumes about 50% of the design engineering man hours, 35% of the material cost of the plant and about 30% of the labor cost in the field. Inept piping design in te office can increase the cost of a plant.

The design engineering department of a contractor  designing refinery or petrochemical complexes consist of four main functions : Piping ,Structural,Electrical and Vessels.The Piping section encompasses flow diagrams,model making,insulation and painting, piping material take-off,piping material control,instrument design and piping design itself.

Experienced piping designers know the functions of all of these groups.They also must have a broad knowledge of the structural,electrical and vessel sections.And they must know the many pieces of equipment that they must pipe up, the numerous details of piping, the materials necessary for various services, piping flexibility basics and filed construction practices. Then comes a general knowledge of plant operation and maintenance. When all of this is considered,it is easy to see why there is always a shortage of experienced competent piping designers. 

Ironically,piping design is the one subject that has been neglected in the school systems. This largely due t the fact that adequate text books were not available. No book can teach a person to become a piping designer but it can teach the fundamentals and how to apply them to became a designer.

Table of Content :-
  1. General Piping
  2. Process Terms 
  3. Plant Arrangements and Storage Tanks
  4. Process Unit Plot Plans
  5. Piping System and Details
  6. Pipe Fabrication
  7. Vessels 
  8. Instrumentation
  9. Appendix 
  10. Index

Download Process Piping Design Volume-1 (And Volume-2 We will Update Soon)

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